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Dear Valued Guest,


Greetings from Melia Ba Vi Mountain Retreat and welcome to the place where you can immerse yourself in the nature!


We truly appreciate that you have chosen our retreat.


This online menu will provide you useful information about our services, activities, and facilities that hopefully could assist you to arrange your time, and make your stay with us more convenient.


Should you have any questions or require further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our team.


Thank you for relying on our services. Whenever you pass our doors, we wish you unforgettable and delightful moments.


Yours sincerely,



The Management Team

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Melia Rewards

Meliá Rewards is the Meliá Hotels International loyalty program, where you can enjoy benefits and exclusive offers. Belonging to Meliá Rewards means more: more value, because you enjoy points, surprises and discounts; more opportunities, because you can earn and redeem points in a thousand ways; and more time, because you are our priority. The program has 4 levels: White, Silver, Gold and Platinum. As you go up a level you can enjoy more exclusive benefits. With Meliá Rewards, belonging means more.


Dining Experience

Welcome to the flavorful journey, where your taste buds will be masterfully massaged by our chefs

The Melia Ba Vi Mountain Retreat offers a selection of different Food and Beverages spaces with complete variety to enjoy during your stay

Fitness Center

  • Operating hours: from 6:00 to 20:00

  • Attire: sport clothes and shoes are required

  • A Towel will be provided during service time

Room Experience


Experience the space with modern equipment, enjoy the feeling of soaking in the bathtub and listening to melodious tunes.


Inspired by YHI, the solar deity who created light and life on Earth, our skilled therapists bring you to the journey of wellness and rediscovery, that focuses on awakening, energizing, and nourishing your body, mind, and soul.

Operating hours:

  • Summer: from 9:00 to 21:00 

  •  Winter: from 10:00 to 20:00

4 Season Infinity Swimming Pool

  • Operating hours: from 7:00 to 19:00

  • Attire: Swimming Suits is required

  • A Towel will be provided during service time

Kid’s Playground and Kidsdom

Operating hours: from 8:00 to 17:00




Sunset Yoga & Sunset Tea

Strike a balance and revive your energy with our unique sunset yoga session while being inspired by the spectacular mountain view.

-​Coming Soon-

Camping Picnic (no overnight)

Benefits of camping at our Retreat are staying active, enjoying the day, being closure to the nature, and exploring the French ruins. It is a great way to relax and have a good time with your loved ones.

Cooking Class 


Is an activity devoted to experience in the art and science of cooking and food preparation

Art Coffee 

at 1902 Lounge


Is a method of preparing coffee created by pouring micro-foam into a shot of espresso and resulting in a pattern or design on the surface of the latte. It can also be created or embellished by simply "drawing" in the top layer of foam.

Price: 288.000 VND ++/pax (above 10 years old)

Available from Monday to Friday

Tree Identification

A fun and engaging activity for children to explore different kinds of tree around the Retreat and their uses; to collect leaves and flowers to create masterpieces at the end of the class.



Retreat Tour

French Footprints

In The Middle Of Ba Vi Nature

Retreat Tour

IMG_3524 (1).JPG

Trekking Tour

Image by 蔡 嘉宇

Tea Village

Coming soon

Opening Car Door

Private car service



Soul of Sleep 2019_20.jpg

Sleep Enhancers 
Coming soon

Pillow Spray

Pillow Selection

SPA Music Channel

Oil Lamp Oil

Essential Oil and Incense Stick

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